Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Truth Seeker Star


Whether the answer simple or no, the question must still be put forth.
I danced with the trickiest of questions,
The unmentionable,
Floating for years in a meta-physical madness,
Searching for answers that were always there in my heart,
Always right there on the surface of our shimmering souls.
As you drifted into womanhood, and I floated away,
It seems I lost your trust, and your heart just the same.
I paid no attention and lost you in the tunnel.
I won’t say that you quit waiting, you went on living like you could only do.
So now I’ve slowed down my masochistic ways
And taken a foreign step outside the spiral.
I see you through the distance, still ghostly, still delicious, 
Yet so grown.
My only question is, are you now the mentor?
Or where you always the mentor?

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