Friday, November 4, 2011

Mid-days walk toward Wisdom

A mid-days walk towards Wisdom.

“You’re still here”, he said and looked away with indifference.
He knew the fortune he had paid out in emotion had bought a reasonable gift,
However difficult it was to control,
What he didn’t realize was the infiniteness of this new born ability, 
And it was this that was trying to drive him mad.
Yet madness came and went, 
The pain so dull now that he could barely remember feeling it.
“… and it was just the other day”, he thought.
Was the moment of rebound, the longing rush upward,
Higher than ever,
Reaching for the star before the inevitable plummet back downward.
It was all circles,
But with each
A little piece of forever was granted in an echoing form of wisdom.

This was enough, this is what he was now, and this is how he lived.  
The lingering reek of self-animosity for being so weak still wrapped its’ stagnant fingers gingerly around his neck, but the smell was diluted now, slowly fading away.
He smelled a freshness to the air he had all but forgotten existed,
It cleared his head and eyes, 
And he regained vigor in his step and candid approach.
He knew where his interest lay, he knew where the goal resided,
And he knew he had to continue,
He know that this,
Was exactly what he was born to do.

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