Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Go Ahead and Kill Yourself

Just go ahead and Kill Yourself

This is it.
This is the boundary of human imagination.
A sad shell of a world once beautiful,
Once engulfed in a process
Of nature and transcendent spirituality.
Then we came,
This virus called humanity.
We created evil through self-righteous ignorance,
Greed, and Power.
Now this sad shell,
Now this slavery to a symbol that does not even exist,
Now this endless circle of cruelty and drama.
Now I wait for the end.
I am not angry with you
Deaf, Blind, Dumb,
Born to follow, Hollow, individuals,
As you like to call yourselves.
I am merely saddened.
However, I do lay the blame on your shoulders,
Fore you do not care,
And that is as bad as the few in charge
Over the centuries that have made this world the cluster-fuck it is today.
Who am I to lay this blame?
I am one who knows,
I am one who searches and sees and foretells
And spends every second of ones existence 
Wandering, searching for those answers,
Searching for a way to right this horrendous wrong.
You don’t like it?

Fuck you.
Go kill yourself.
I’m not going anywhere.

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