Friday, November 4, 2011

Anti-Measure of Time

Anti-Measurement of Time

What was I, when, when, was then?
What am I now, besides struggling?
What is struggling, but life?
What is life but here and now?
Here and now are the present tense of
There and then, but if I didn’t exist then, 
What could when possibly have been?
Were you there without me?
Can I be here without you?
Is this what when will be then,
Or is this now just tomorrows day before yesterday?
…and then the rain came,
not now, but then and when, 
and later, 
which will become now,
when, and then, then.
How can you adopt advertisement,
When, when, then, here and now,
Or the next day,
Is un-specifiable?
Because of you,
And them,
In the here, and now,
Not seeing the when, why, how, or then of
Yesterday and tomorrow,
Only surviving in the ever present now,
That ever present seclusion of greed.
Now do I get by,
Here, then, and when?

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