Sunday, November 6, 2011

Never Was

Never Was

I’m so low, 
But I don’t wish that I was dead
I wish everyone around me 
Open their eyes instead.

The forest of lies was opaque with clouds, shutting out
The light from their innocent thoughts and blind eyes.
Never was a promise, yet he couldn’t turn his attention
From the chaos.  He tried to not see the misery, but
His unlidded minds’ eye felt instead of seeing and he knew
His doom.  He thought of Kassandra with a cynical laugh
And continued on his way, witnessing the travesty,
Inheriting the natural selection, tearing at his self
To stay on the path, pushing the hate away with an 
Experienced ease.  The pain was dull now, he’d been
Walking for as long as he could recall.  He knew he’d
Left his staff, somewhere along the line, with his
Materialism, he knew that he had been alone since
That point.  He also knew that at some point,
The ever engulfing idea had occurred to him.

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