Tuesday, February 28, 2012



And a whisper told me watch out
The devil comes in the prettiest of masks.
Greed is confused with need in America.
Confusion is sought, taught, bought, and sold
Without a care in the world.
I’ve found (and been around a bit) that 
Evil thrives at church.
Does God forgive ignorance,
When one knows they are ignorant?
Or is that stupidity?
Because I know that God doesn’t forgive that…
Yet who am I to perceive what God thinks?
I know he hates me, fore I have been 
Really stupid.
(HaHa (= )
I, myself, am not ignorant, yet I’ve been caught up
In such a mess of crazy lies these 
People call reality, well, it
Makes me question if I even exist at all.
How can I be true to God, when truth is the anti-Christ to the people?
People want perfection, not nature,
We’ve actually managed to make nature, natural things…
We see it though.
My friends I’ve never run across see
It.  Beyond the philosophers,
There’s this eras musicians,
Philosophy to music.
And goddamn I love it!
All my close personal friends,
They’ve felt my graceful madness.
Fore grace really is the essence of all
Beauty in this reality;
From pimping hoes,
To the perfect trajectory on
The mortar fired at your enemy,
To the suicide squeeze play,
To a hummingbird hovering nimbly upon
A flower of pink & gold & violet
Which sways gently to the wind as
A memory of a past love
Rolls whispering through 
That field of knowledge.
Or maybe just a peaceful moment…
It feels good to purge on grace, 
But I do everything that I can
To remember that love is the answer.
It’s slowly being shunned from our society,
And they wonder why it is hard for me to smile…
But keep in mind, this is to the reader, whoever
He or she may be.
I have a goal, that goal is love.
Love plus Intelligence equals Freedom,
Love plus Greed equals what we have now.
Ha! And I’m so alone in this mess they call reality.
And that is why I love hope.
of hope
is all that I need.
That little good to prevail over all of this evil,
No, not prevail; to survive…
Truth is micro-secondly losing the battle.
Yet God is truth…
And I am, me.
It is good to know truth,
In the end.

Stupidity makes me lift my eyes…
But so does laughter,
Why? Why!

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