Monday, February 27, 2012

To All The Haters

To All the Haters

Fuck your short memories,
And fuck all you clones
Fuck this dysfunctional
Society of bones.
Fuck all you assholes
Who manipulate the youth,
Fuck all the markets
That paralyze the truth,
Most of all fuck the politics
That make us slaves for the day,
Fuck the pieces of shit,
That make it this way.
Your vanity consumes you,
And fuck that shit too,
And I hope that you hate me,
You know what?  Fuck you!
Because I am the wolf
Slying closer to your fire
I am the Truth,
Better find a gun to hire
‘Cus ill bring you down
if you fuck around and let me live
I care nothing for myself,
I’ve only truth to give
And if you can not take that
Then go fuck yourself,
Look around for the bullets,
Take the gun off the shelf,
Put that shit against your forehead,
But make sure your back’s against the wall
And pull the trigger completely
Paint a portrait for us all.

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