Monday, February 27, 2012


(a moment in time)

why bother, what the fuck is the point?
Had a  bad day, woke up pisses off, made it to work pissed off, 
Got pissed off at work, got out of work pissed off,
Made it home pissed off.
Yet, now I feel fine, fine and dandy,
Fine like candy. No not candy.
Not Candice, or even Candace,
Let’s call it licorice.
Not the black, that shit is nasty, but the red is tasty.
Right now I feel a bit tasty in this exact moment in time.
And now that the moments over I don’t feel anything.
I don’t feel like being pissed off anymore,
I don’t feel like feeling like licorice any longer.
Nothing sweet,
And nothing notorious.
Something somber but sublime.
Not a food, but maybe a moment… Maybe a book,
No, not Bukowski, not Blake, not Rice, not Joyce…
I think maybe a c.d.,
Not Weezer, not Modest Mouse, not Cold War Kids,
How about maybe,
Yah, Let go with VDub.

(tribute to Vampire Weekend)

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