Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sad & Unsought

Sad and Unsought

I thought that our likeness of stature could conclude a so rare likeness of mind, yet this ever doubting thought process has all but counted you out to the fore.  So sad to see the beauty of the butterfly so effortlessly extinguished by the surreality of the fire.  How many like you will fail before the minds’ eye?  Surely you soul has used so many bodies as to find it trivial at your content for the material madness.  The un-conscience mind unites us all in the simply complex terror of the thunderstorm.  Why do you not come out of the rain? Why do you not find the sleepy night so much more peaceful? When will the thunder soothe and relax and make modest your willingness to believe in the evidence of the cycle?  The frailness of the shell is an allusion to breaking.  The blind-less eye evokes the near impossibility of immortality. This is nothing shocking!  We are all invited to the glamour-less grounds of nirvana.  All you must do is accept and see.   Put down your plastic gold, stop drugging your children, hear the cries, legit the lies, and confiscate the surreality.  One god, one conscience mind, one religion for us all, peace is the vision and karma will see to the destiny.  The window is now open and the warm breeze of wisdom floods light and sense and unity.  The energy is a cycled circle; the reality is sad, and unsought.

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