Friday, May 11, 2012


35 revolutions around the sun.
everyday closer to the "one".
inhibitions fall ceaselessly from this vessel,
the lies seem more & more inconsequential,
the pride & ignorance seem more & more the illusion.
the filter is becoming microbial,
objective, & indifferent. only the the love is seeping
though. like a fine... high grade life.
thanks are in order for so many that it's hard to count.
the learning process...
the living process...
the ever spiraling cylindrical experience,
filling this wondrous life.
i could not be more fortunate, or loved.
i could not be more thankful for this so called intelligence.
the darkness comes and then it goes.
i know without the darkness, there could never 
be such bright light, and instead of the never,
there is only the ever.

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