Friday, May 11, 2012

stick figure of a man

why the fuck do i exist?
what the fuck is the point?
i can't change anything at all.
just here to give the machine its' fuel.
just here to sit and stare and laugh and drool.
here to help others you say?
help them do what?
what the fuck is the point?
i don't deserve this fucking life.
i don't deserve these fucking friends.
i am just careless inception.
i am a laughable ruse.
i am fucking nothing and nothing is what i deserve.
this is why i am always alone.
this is why i will always be alone.
so what the fuck is the point?
stick figure of a so called fucking man.
what the fuck is the point.
i'll rot like the rest, i am no different.
same bullshit outer-shell with a fucked up mind to boot.
watch it all fall apart?
watch it all fall apart.
this is the fucking point. 
this is why i'm fucking here.

1 comment:

  1. No~thinK lasts 4ever n all is just a thought. u need 2 live through it. ...been there. take care ;)