Thursday, December 15, 2011


Ghost of a Doubt

The starlet is born.
Pray for a way,
But please don’t go.
I couldn’t be a hoot without you.
So this is a plea,
Not necessarily a bargain,
But a necessary means, 
For a necessary means.
A certain way of knowing,
Of ever questioning the controlling point.
So who’s in attendance?
I’ve waited for the day,
Day after day,
Mostly alone, 
Yet never in vain,
We entertain the pain,
And I walk now entrapped,
Reduced to a grain,
Of sugar or salt,
Toss sand of over shoulder,
Time comes to a halt,
Yes, it is all of my fault,
Because my hearts in the vault
Of one who takes the situation lightly,
So flighty,
So frighteningly so.

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